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AmanyZ specializes in designing quirky handbags that are Fun, functional, and sustainable. Our  bags set themselves apart by their uniqueness, along with a practical and utilitarian nature that delivers a minimal and eco friendly alternative to traditional luxury accessories. 

Our step-by-step process passes through several professional ateliers using the highest standards before it finds a home on your arm. It begins with the most OG material in existence, wood. Wood makes a great substitute not only for longevity but also in the extremely low toxin level it affords as compared to other materials which require a larger amount of fossil fuels to produce.

              Each piece is crafted exclusively in the United States from the beginning of the steam process to the packaging of the final product. 

"I am devoted to creating unique pieces of art, that women and men from all walks of life could proudly wear and cherish.” - Amany Zama


The vision for AmanyZ  bags began two decades ago in the small, West African country of Cameroon. It was there that designer Amany watched and learned from her grandfather and other local artisans who crafted beautiful wooden pieces with nothing more than a few hand tools and a passion for creating art. They used eco friendly methods such as steam bending to manipulate wood into an array of remarkable and interesting shapes. This learned process, combined with Amany’s affection for creating art, inspired her to create intricate fashion pieces that turns heads. Each piece is crafted exclusively in the United States from the beginning of the steam bending process to the packaging of the final product. Amany has spent considerable time and energy to establish a process to create her handbags in a way that is sustainable for our planet and has the endurance to last for generations. The goal is to create amazing pieces of wearable art that stand the test of time and can be cherished as an heirloom piece.  


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